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Questions and Answers: Air Traffic Selection and Training (ATSAT) test. (America prep recurits) - (hilton head prep)

wow, sounds like you guys are gettin moved throught a lot faster now. i applied 1 may 07, atsat sep 07, pepc 1 may 08 drug screen and physical, I received an OKC start date and...

A: I don't know how many questions are on the test or even what the scores are. My son took the ATSAT ... Aviation Career.

I am a senior at Daniel Webster College in the Air Traffic Managment Program. I took the ATSAT in early February of 2008 and recieved a 95%. I had ordered this book about 2 weeks prior to the test and looked at it maybe once.

07/31/2008 Applied for PUBNAT5 12/02/2009 Email received to set test date for ATSAT in Chicago. interview, physical, psych exam) would be.

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Controller candidates with no previous air traffic control experience and those who have graduated from a Collegiate Training Initiative program are screened using ATSAT. 1 Candidates must score at least 70 percent on the exam to be considered for...

Posted: 12-23-2009, 01:34 PM. You will not have to retake the ATSAT exam you took in January 2009. The exam score will last for 3 years regardless of how many Pubnat's you apply to.

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Examples of academic dishonesty are copying answers from another student during an exam, giving a false excuse for failing to show up for an exam, obtaining advance exam copies by unauthorized means, and damaging a computer disk to prevent...

Test prep that matches you and your personality. Your AT-SAT exam score is important to you and your career as an Air Traffic Controller. You must be logged in to make a purchase.

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Air Traffic Control Atsat Test.

I took the ATSAT test last week, got a score of 83 out of 100. The ATSAT is the aptitude test for hiring Air Traffic Controllers, a score of 85 or better gets u on the "highly qualified" list.

YAY). PM with your email and I'll pass it along to him! If you are talking about the ATSAT test, everyone leans towards the "green book". posts, read 9,480 times.

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I need a B average overall in all of my Air Traffic Management classes. I also need to take the Air Traffic Standardized Achievement Test(ATSAT) so I can get placement. I hope to end up somewhere in the southeast.

Note: If an AT-CTI student takes the ATSAT exam through a General Public announcement, the score is valid for all hiring sources. The ATSAT score is only valid for three years from the initial test date.

The test provider will contact you directly via email about the date, time, and location of your ATSAT testing. a controller, and each student receives two opportunities to pass...

The real test is much easier, but it is slightly different than the test prep. If you use the test prep I think it will be impossible to fail the ATSAT test. I took the test Jun/09 and I got a 99.3…the proof is in the pudding.

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